Our plans for the year 2018

Litter "M" - February:


International Champion (C.I.B.), Poland Junior Winner 2015, Nitra Cup Junior Winner 2015, Prague Junior Winner 2015, Poland Club Winner 2017, Poland Winner 2016, Zagreb Croatia Winner 2016, Croatia Club WInner 2016, Junior Champion of Poland, Junior Champion of Czech Republic, Junior Champion of Slovakia, Champion of Poland, Champion of Croatia, Champion of Slovakia

PL 0/0, eyes clear


Champion of Poland

PL 0/0, eyes clear

Litter "N" - summer/autumn:


Junior Champion of Poland, Junior Champion of Hungary

PL 0/0, eyes clear


Junior Champion of Poland

PL 0/0, eyes clear

Litter "P" - autumn:

MIDNIGHT POISON du Domaine de Chanteloup

Champion of France


Polish Junior Winner 2015, Jugend Bundessieger 2015, Herbst-Jugendsieger Dortmund 2015, Junior Champion of Poland, Champion of Poland, Champion of Romania, Grand Champion of Romania

PL 0/0, eyes clear

Litter "R" - autumn/winter:

GENIE EN HERBE de Magistris

International Champion (C.I.B.), Champion of France, Champion of Luxembourg

BLUE BREEZE z Koloseum

International Champion (C.I.B.), Junior Champion of Poland, Junior Champion of Czech Rep., Champion of Poland, Champion of Montenegro, Champion of Ukraine

PL 0/0, eyes clear

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Before sending an inquiry:

We always try to find out as much as we can about the person who is interested in a puppy from our kennel. So please, write a few words about yourself. Where do you live, what do you do for a living, do you have experience with dogs (what kind of dogs), do you have a dog now (what breed), why did you decide to choose Italian Sighthound for yourself, are you looking a dog for shows, breeding or just a pet? We do not take seriously messages, where the only question is "what is the price for a puppy".

We only sell pedigree puppies!

Pedigree is a certificate of dog's origin, it guarantees that the puppy will have features characteristic for the breed.

We do not sell our puppies to dealers and for further resale. We are looking for loving and responsible owners for our puppies.

With every new owner we sign the sale and purchase contract which is a kind of insurance for the puppy, the breeder and the owner as well.

Adequate socialization of puppies is very important for us. From the 3rd to the 16th day of life we introduce neurological stimulation, which has a positive effect on their emotional and mental development. Puppies grow up in constant contact with people and dogs, we invite friends and family. Puppies travel by car, play in the garden, etc.

Our puppies are under veterinary supervision, they are dewormed and vaccinated according to age. They leave our home with: export pedigree, passport, microchip and layette for the first day in a new home. The new owners always get help from us.


available - puppy is for sale
pre-reserved - there is someone interested in this puppy, but has not yet paid a deposit
reserved - reservation made after payment of a deposit
sold - puppy lives in a new home