02-03 DEC 2017

Great news from Ukraine!

KEEP WINNING FOR SUNNYMOON z Koloseum had his show debut this weekend! At two International Dog Shows in Kiev, twice, he was Best Minor Puppy in Breed! Big congratulations to his owners! We are very proud of you all!

02 DEC 2017

National Dog Show in Świebodzice (PL)

Judge: Mr. Jarosław Grunt (PL)

KEEP DREAMING z Koloseum - very promising 1, Best of Breed Minor Puppy

As the judge described Dream - "full of temperament and joy". This one who know her, understands what it means.
Unfortunately, we couldn't stay for the finals and it was our last show this year.

24-26 NOV 2017

International Dog Shows in Kielce (PL)

Judges: Mrs. Małgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska (PL), Mrs. Tanya Ahlman Stockmari (FI), Mr. Ake Cronander (SE)

KEEP DREAMING z Koloseum - 2x very promising 1, 2x Best of Breed Minor Puppy

JUST JOY z Koloseum - excellent 2/3

GOLDEN GINGER z Koloseum - excellent 1, CWC

It was a great weekend with great people. I'm very happy, that I could meet Just Joy vel Pema and her owner Małgosia.
Pema is a reall beauty and she has wonderful character.
It was also a show debut of our Dream, which was appreciated by judges and got wonderful descriptions:
"Elegant, stylish, good format and very good skeleton, very elegant head, good neck and topline, excellent chest, excellent front and forechest, perfect angulation, perfectly balanced, good in motion" and "Very nice puppy, excellent head and expression, very good neck, good body and angulation for age, good topline, very good bone and feet, needs more training with movement on the leash".

17 OCT 2017

Now it's officially - we have a new family member!

KEEP DREAMING z Koloseum is a long awaited daughter of our cream star PLJW'15, Bdjsg.15, Herbst-Jsg.15, JCH, CH, multi BOG Winner - DAYLIGHT DESIRE z Koloseum. Her father is World Winner'15, International Champion and Champion - ISSUE FATALE De Magistris. We traveled to France, more than 1000km for this mating. We had high hopes with the puppies and we were waiting impatiently for them. So, when they were born and we saw Dream, we couldn't make another decision - she stays with us! We already love her very much!

14 OCT 2017

National Dog Show in Jelenia Góra (PL)

Judges: Mrs. Hanna Woźna-Gil (PL), BIS Veteran - Mrs. Blanka Horbatowska (PL)

GOLDEN GINGER z Koloseum - excellent 1, CWC

OWACJA z Ochoczej - excellent 1, Veteran Winner, Best Veteran in Breed, Best in Show Veteran

Owacja is Polish Veteran Champion!

07 OCT 2017

Another great result for Just Joy!

At National Show of Hunting Dogs in Spała (PL), JUST JOY z Koloseum was excellent 1/2, became Junior Winner and Best Junior in Breed! It was her second show!

Big congratulations to the owner and handler! Many thanks to the judge - Mr. Andrzej Kaźmierski (PL)!

23 SEP 2017

International Show in Wrocław (PL)

Judge: Mrs. Ewa Marcinkowska (PL)

GOLDEN GINGER z Koloseum - excellent 2, res.CACIB

OWACJA z Ochoczej - excellent 1, Veteran Winner, Best Veteran in Breed

22 SEP 2017

Walk in the forest with Dream and Winnie.

14 SEP 2017

Litter "L" is here!

This night Breeze gave birth three girls and four boys. The whole big family feels great.

08 SEP 2017

Kids from litter "K" at the age of two months old.

28 AUG 2017

We are waiting!

Less than three weeks and little ones will be in the world.

27 AUG 2017

We have a lovely guest!

GIFT OF GRACE z Koloseum vel Ira, will stay with us for a bit more than one week! We are so happy to have her for a short vacation with us!

26-27 AUG 2017

Wonderful weekend for our kids!

On Saturday, at National Dog Show in Gostynin (PL), GLOW OF GALAXY z Koloseum got her third title Junior Winner and now she is new Junior Champion of Poland! She become also Best Junior in Breed!

On Sunday, at National Dog Show in Skaryszew (PL), JUST JOY z Koloseum had her show debut! She got titles Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed and Best of Opposite Sex!

We are very proud of both girls! Big congratulations to their owners and thank you to the judges - Mr. Maciej Lipiec (PL) and Mrs. Oksana Gachina (RU)!

16 AUG 2017

We are expecting puppies!

05 AUG 2017

Our puppies are already 4 weeks old.

23 JUL 2017

Sighthounds Club Show in Konopiska (PL)

Judges: Mrs. Andreja Novak (SLO), BIS Veteran - Mrs. Birgit Piesik (DE)

OWACJA z Ochoczej - excellent 1, Veteran Winner, Best Veteran in Breed, Veteran Club Winner
and BIS Veteran

It was Owacja's first show after five years of break, the first time in veteran class and what a wonderful result!
We are very proud of her!

07 JUL 2017

We have puppies!

After busy night - they are here! Puppies from our litter "K" - two grey boys and one grey girl. Mommy and babies are doing well.

24 JUN 2017

Walk with sisters Ginger and Grace, their mother Breeze and aunt Essi.

18 JUN 2017

Family meeting!

During this weekend we had a special guests - Grace and her owners. This was the first meeting for a mother and daughter since Grace left our home. It was an amazing feeling to see the mother's reaction to her child after so long time.

11 JUN 2017

National Show in Kalisz (PL)

Judge: Mr. Maciej Lipiec (PL)

GOLDEN GINGER z Koloseum - excellent 1, Junior Winner and BOB Junior

Ginger became Junior Champion of Poland!

The title Best of Breed went to our Nario's daughter - IRIS Gorzowska Panorama. At this show, she finished Polish Championship!
Big congratulations to the owner and breeder.

28 MAY 2017

Photorelation from our trip to Scandinavia.

21 MAY 2017

National Show of Hunting Dogs in Poznań (PL)

Judge: Mr. Adam Ostrowski (PL)

GOLDEN GINGER z Koloseum - excellent 1, Junior Winner, BOB Junior and BOS

13 MAY 2017

A great day at International Show in Łódź (PL)

At this show I met two of our kids - Glow of Galaxy and Joyful Juliet. Both are very pretty, lovely young ladies and it was a very nice to spend time with them and their owners. I had also possibility to shown Joyful Juliet which got very promising note, become Best Puppy in Breed and we heard wonderful words about her from the judge Mr. Tony Allcock (UK) - "excellent in type, excellent head, excellent proportions, excellent bones, excellent top line, needs more training on the leash."

30 APR 2017

National Show in Jelenia Góra (PL)

Judge: Mrs. Anna Kochan (PL)

GOLDEN GINGER z Koloseum - excellent 1, Junior Winner, BOB Junior and BOB

09 APR 2017

Show debut of Joyful Juliet!

JOYFUL JULIET z Koloseum at her very first show in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki (PL) got very promising note, BOB Minor Puppy and she was in the final 6 at BIS Minor Puppy! We are so proud of her! Big congratulations to the owners Ola and Michał!

09 APR 2017

Day in the desert with a half of our pack!

01-02 APR 2017

One International and two National Shows in Bistrita (RO)

Judges: Mr. Nedim Suta (BIH), Mr. Jean Francois Vanaken (BE), Mr. Atilla Kelemen (RO)

DAYLIGHT DESIRE z Koloseum - 3x excellent 1, 3x CAC, 3x Best Female, 1x CACIB, 3x BOB,

Daylight is also Grand Champion of Romania!

It was an amazing weekend with a lot of emotions! We are really proud of Dayli's achievements!
Thank you so much to all judges for so high evaluation of our girl and so many nice words about her!

28 MAR 2017

Sisters' meeting!

After a few months, Ginger and Grace met again. It was a really wonderful to see how our baby has grown. She is so beautiful, friendly with a lot of energy young lady. Thank you so much to Grace's owners for a lovely time together.

24 MAR 2017

We present our nearest breeding plans!

19 MAR 2017

Visit at our baby girl Innocent Illusion!

Exactly today she has 5 months and it's around 3 months when she left our home. She is small, really sweet girl with a big personality. It was an amazing feeling to watch her joy when she saw us. Thank you so much to her owners for care of our sweetheart!

05 MAR 2017

International Show in Drzonków (PL)

Judge: Mr. Tomasz Kuszyk (PL)

GOLDEN GINGER z Koloseum - very promising 1, BOB Puppy

DAYLIGHT DESIRE z Koloseum - excellent 1, CAC, Best Bitch, CACIB, BOB, BOG III

After more than a year break of dog shows in hall, our Dayli presented really beautifully! We are very proud that from the 20 IGs, the judge awarded her the title best of breed and on main ring she was the 3rd best sighthound out of 9! This day definitely belonged to Dayli!
And our youngest IG, Ginger, on this show finished puppy class.

22 JAN 2017

National Show in Lubin (PL)

Judge: Mr. Janusz Opara (PL)

GOLDEN GINGER z Koloseum - very promising 1, BOS Puppy

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